Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interactivity Final Project

I have already begun work on my final project for Digital Interactive Studio, but I thought I would blog a bit about what it should be like when it is finished. It is going to be a music video using two characters: a bird and a squirrel. The music video will tell a story about the two characters going through a breakup. Interactivity is included because the viewer will be able to click on buttons throughout five different scenes. This idea came from two different sources. The first was a music video that two friends of mine put together. The video is pretty funny, and I wanted my final project to be more entertaining than my midterm. I am even using the same song that my friends used in their video. My ideas about how to make this project interactive came when I received an e-card for my birthday from my aunt and uncle. I thought that it was fun because I did not just click "play" and watch the card. It gave me prompts to click on certain objects in the screen in order to keep the card going. I liked that I had to be interactive in order to view the entire card. That's what my project will be like. In order to see the entire movie, the viewer will have to stay active in what he/she is watching.

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  1. Sounds good, Melissa--check out Jake's site--he has some interesting interactive music video example links