Saturday, March 14, 2009

Final Blog for DMF and Interactivity: Art Department Website

I took a look at the website for the Art Department at SOU and I can honestly say that I do not have many suggestions to make. I think that the navigation was easy and straightforward. I am not an Art major, but if I was I feel that I would have all of the information that I need right at my finger tips. I really liked the photos of the Art facilities, (especially with the ragged edge borders, it looks cool). It can give potential students an idea of where they will get to work if they take any Art classes at SOU. The only thing that I think would really add to the page is a photo archive of student work. Because I have gotten a chance to walk around the Art buildings, I have seen a lot of student work and there is some real talent in SOU's Art Department. I think that other people should have the chance to see it as well. It is a also something that could easily be updated on a regular basis so that many students are able to display their work online. This is really the only suggestion that I have. Otherwise it looks great!

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